Geek Toolbox

Welcome to the Geek Toolbox homepage. This project has just been accepted by the Source Forge staff, so there's not much here yet.

Project Overview

Since we're still working to get content online, let me give a quick overview of what the Geek Toolbox is and what is will do.

I do a lot of work on people's computers, and a lot of that work is software based, eg, installing updates, spyware and virus removal, and that sort of stuff. I've got a lot of helpful software that I use (including great software like SpaceMonger, and YCopy), but it's all strewn about various locations.

My goal for the Geek Toolbox is to gather all those resources into one place. The Toolbox will facilitate program installation and uninstallation, file management, system diagnostics, startup management, system information, process management, hotfix installation, and other such tools.

All this will be wrapped around a scripting language, using either the Toolbox's special scripting language, GeekSpeek, or .NET code, such as C#, VB, or BOO.

The Toolbox will be completely customized, allowing you to create your own sets of tools (Toolkits) and separating them into logical components (Drawers). Your most frequently used tools will go in a special area called the Toolbelt.

If you are interested in this project, or have questions or ideas, simply pop over to and join the mailing lists!

Of course, this site won't look like this forever. Eventually, we'll have a regular-old homepage. Until then, happy coding! Logo